Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, Spring is here and I have the spring cleaning bug!  Over spring break I made a goal to tackle my "52 Week" list by accomplishing at list one item per day...I am happy to say I was successful and Salvation Army drop off saw a lot of me! 

One area I tackled was my son's closet and I wanted to share a couple of organizing tips.  You might say why worry about the top of the closet?  Well, besides the benefit of extra storage space, the reality is, especially in a kids room, the closet doors are rarely closed, so it visually impacts the room. is the before:

This space had become literally "stuffed" with junk...just a place to get things out of the way.   Next, here is the after:

A couple of things to note...

*  Use your pillow cases to store each sheet set.  This makes for such a neat and easy way to store them.

*  Use vertical space...I LOVE the Command wall hooks by 3M...I was able to hang up his hat by using these hooks and they do not damage the surface and gained more shelf space.  These are the same hooks I used for the measuring cup and spoon project.

*  Use decorative containers to store those random items.  The red basket in the photo is housing all of my son's fish equipment, yet who would know!

*  Finally, put things where they belong!  The majority of the stuff in the top of his closet where clothes and shoes that were either from the previous season or that I purchased on sale for future seasons.  Although these items have buckets out in the garage...I didn't take the time to put them where they belong and created a big, cluttered mess!

So go and tackle the top of a closet.  It is a quick, easy space to organize and will make you want to open you closet doors! 

Look for the next blog post, coming soon...creating a happy book/journal to use for prayers or just as a space to put some of your favorite photos, quotes and memories.  Also, I am excited to share that I will be leading a WOW class in the fall.  We will be tackling the followup book to our last class, "Simplify Your Space - Create Order & Reduce Stress" by Marcia Ramsland.    It promises to be a great class!

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  1. Looks great! Glad to hear you'll be leading a class for the next book. Thanks for volunteering your time and keeping us motivated with this blog.